shoes. streets. san francisco.

dirty basic running shoes with dry leaves

dirty basic running shoes with dry leaves

i’m only slightly exaggerating when i say that almost every time i leave my apartment to walk around my neighborhood, i stumble upon abandoned shoes. seriously. abandoned shoes are EVERYWHERE in san francisco! why? who is it that takes their shoes to walk barefooted down our dirty gorgeous streets? and were the shoe leavers forced to abandon their shoes (“hey you! take your shoes off and scram or i’ll make mince meat outta you!”) or was it by choice (“hey, hold up a second friend that i am walking with. i think i’m going to take my shoes off and leave them here before we get to the cafe, ok?”) it’s a mystery!

for years now, i’ve walked by shoes and wondered, but from here on out, i’m going to take pics of all the shoes i come across. here are just a few from the past few days.

thank you to all who leave your shoes behind for others to ponder. it’s very generous of you!


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4 thoughts on “shoes. streets. san francisco.

  1. Wow. These pics are so great, especially when viewed as a collection. Is this shoe situation something that you SFers discuss amongst yourselves? I mean, do people debate their theories on the abandoned footwear syndrome in coffee shops? I mean, what the hell is going on here????

  2. thanks xer! that’s such a great question! i haven’t heard a lot of SFers verbalize the question, but i have no doubt that some of them wonder. then again, because they’re so commonplace, that people just walk on by without really “seeing” them. i’d love to know what other people think about it. what do you think? do you see abandoned shoes on streets or walks in st. louis?

  3. I was just in SF and found good shoes everywhere. There were even new shoes sitting on the steps in front of my daughter’s house. I wondered if some welfare agency was putting out shoes for the homeless..

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